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Unemployment Benefits

Have you been denied North Carolina unemployment insurance benefits which you believe are rightfully yours?  Does it appear the decision was based upon false or exaggerated wrongful conduct on your part?  Losing your job was bad enough.  Having to fight for what you may rightfully deserve in unemployment compensation can add a significant level of stress to your unfortunate situation.

Having conducted more than 8,OOO Unemployment Benefits hearings as a former North Carolina Employment Security Commission (ESC) Administrative Law Judge (currently Division of Employment Security/DES) and Special Deputy Commissioner, Mitch Wolf is well versed in North Carolina ESC Law and understands what it takes to present your case in the most positive light possible and will give you the best opportunity to win your unemployment hearing.

For a “free” initial consultation to discuss your situation, please contact the Law Offices of Mitchell A. Wolf, PLLC to set up a telephone or in person appointment to discuss your case.  Mitch will listen to the facts of your case and give you an immediate honest answer.  If he believes he can help you he will tell you so.  If he does not think your case can be won he will also tell you that and there will be no charge for his legal opinion.  Our office is ready to assist you.  All you need to do is call.

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