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Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall accidents can cause serious injuries.  The majority of the slip and fall cases are due to dangerous or hazardous conditions that the injured person was unaware of on someone else’s property.  Slip and Fall injuries caused by a hazardous condition may entitle the injured person or the injured person’s family to compensation.

Slip and fall accidents occur virtually every day and anywhere.  It can be caused by uneven or wet floors, inadequate lighting, or defective flooring or numerous other defective conditions that you would not normally be aware of.

The traumatic impact of a slip and fall or a trip and fall accident can cause severe, long-lasting and even permanent injuries.  Therefore, it is important that you seek medical and legal help immediately.

Mitch Wolf is an experienced attorney in the handling of slip and fall cases.  He knows the necessity of a quick investigation to preserve evidence and the need to put the property owner on notice immediately to secure documentation and other potentially important information.

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