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Car Wrecks

While we hope you are never involved in a wreck the truth of the matter is with today’s roadways, fast speeds, and carelessness on the part of others,  there is a good chance you might be injured due to the fault of another person.  The insurance system is designed to find a way to make a quick settlement before you realize the extent of your claim.  You are potentially entitled to the cost of medical treatment, loss of wages or potential to earn wages, any other out of pocket expenses due to the wreck, and pain and suffering.  If you are permanently injured you are also possibly entitled to compensation for future pain and suffering and expenses.

You are doing yourself an injustice if you do not seek the advice of an experienced attorney.  Mitch Wolf has handled many Personal Injury claims over 20 years and is known for his ability to bring about a fair and reasonable settlement for his clients.

If anyone insists you “settle immediately”  use extreme caution.  What looks good in the immediate moment may be a bad decision long term.  We strongly suggest you consult an attorney before you “settle” your Personal Injury case on your own.

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