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Back and Neck Injuries

At the Law Offices of Mitchell A. Wolf, PLLC, we work regularly with clients who have suffered back and/or neck injuries through no fault of their own.  These injuries, while the most common type of injuries suffered in a wreck or at work, can also cause havoc in your everyday life.

It is not uncommon after a wreck to not feel any significant pain until several hours or even days after the event.  Sometimes the back and neck pain can be sudden and severe.  With quick and proper medical  treatment, many sprains and strains will hopefully resolve within a few months.

However, what appears to be a strain or a sprain can actually be a herniated disc.  If the disc is damaged it could bulge or rupture.  While occurring mostly in the lower back it can happen in the upper or middle back as well.  If your injury does not resolve itself within a couple of months following treatment, your doctor should probably refer you to a specialist to make sure you do not have a serious disc problem.

Do not let the insurance company diminish the seriousness of an injury to your neck and back.   Without getting quick and proper medical treatment, your injury can linger on.    We hope you recover your health quickly.  However if the injury is serious and there is a possibility of permanent injury, then you need the help of an experienced attorney.  You can trust Mitch Wolf to guide you through the system and to tirelessly work towards achieving a fair and just settlement.

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