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Life is full of challenges and unexpected circumstances which can leave you feeling scared and frustrated and backed into a corner with no one you can trust.

Especially if you have been injured through no fault of your own or lost your job and told you are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

You deserve to have someone in your corner that knows the law and truly cares about you as a real person, not just another client!

That attorney is Mitch Wolf.

Mitch has the years of experience and knowledge to successfully pursue your Personal Injury or Unemployment Law claim. He will work aggressively to help you receive a fair settlement, so you can get back to living your life in a healthy, productive way, enjoying all the little things in life once again!

In short, you are the reason the Law Offices of Mitchell A. Wolf, PLLC exists today and why he and his staff will work tirelessly to keep you—the client, feeling positive and happy you have found us! If you were to ask Mitch’s former clients what they like most about Mitch, besides his ability to negotiate a fair settlement for you, it would be his “exceptional personal service” and his big heart! “He just has a way of making you feel like you have not only found yourself a hard working attorney with your best interests in mind, but a friend for life and you would be right.”

You deserve to have an attorney who takes the time to get to know what makes you tick and what your needs are going into the attorney – client relationship. You deserve to have someone with Mitch Wolf’s attention to detail and exceptional personal service.

rongful Death

A ‘wrongful death’ occurs when a person dies due to the reckless act of another.

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runk Driver

In North Carolina, our laws provide for damages that are intended to punish the drunk driver.

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ar Wrecks

You are usually entitled to the cost of medical treatment, loss of wages or potential to earn wages.

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ack and Neck Injuries

Back and neck injuries are the most common type of accidents suffered in a wreck.

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it and Run

It takes an experienced attorney in hit and run accidents who knows how to move quickly.

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nemployment Benefits

Have you been denied North Carolina unemployment benefits you believe are rightfully yours?

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